Joaquim - Flow [180g 12" Vinyl w/ DL Code]


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Release Date: 4th June 2021

Is Joe's 2nd album on Sable Noir recordings. It's a recollection of tunes put on a side throughout the years in the idea to make an album, and englobing all the different aspects possible of some of the music the producer has been up to.

Flow LP takes its influences from triphop to dub techno, ambient music to jungle, soulful drum and bass of course, but also cinematic ambient scores to darkest and percussive 170 joints.

The point here was to be able to tell a story bringing all those different styles all together, and also to deliver an album. Not only for dj's, but also for a full listening purpose. That's why we also released this album, in vinyl, digital, but also in a good old fashioned CD version too.

We hope this cosmic journey through all those styles makes you feel something special. Wherever you listen to it.

Sable noir recordings, but also everything behind this LP is a friend and family co working team, and it is a real pleasure to finally be able to bring this to you now!

a1. Joaquim - Athmos 313

a2. Joaquim - Flow

b1. Joaquim - Shaku

b2. Joaquim - Low and Percussif