Joakuim & Crank - Buble Hash / Round 2


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Open Mind was founded in 2014 by Kiran Crank and Joaquim Plossu in order to release deep and ethnic style influenced bass music at 140 bpm.

It represents the sound and image we like, drawing influences from our love of dub music and the tribal sound. Open Mind provides us with a platform to release quality music in a vinyl format, showcasing foundational sounds in a contemporary way.
With Kiran hailing from London and Joaquim from Mexico, both tracks encapsulate this crossover of cultures. Open Mind is where musical traditions meet, including the heavy low end bass lines popularised through Dubstep in London and the percussions, flutes and chanting vocals found in a lot of ancient cultures, both of which can be heard on this first offering.

a. Joakuim & Crank - Buble hash

b. Joakuim & Crank - Round 2