Jay Daniel - School Dance EP


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A – Thank U Jay: The A-side of the School Dance EP is a forthright stomping house affair. Solid kicks that are at the forefront of the mix that chug along in a conventional fashion. Snapping snares and crisp percussive elements supports the kick drums. There is a hello vox sample that is in operation throughout the track, which for some maybe slightly overused. Retro 80’s style bassline and synth sound sets are the main stay here and work really well together. This is one for the late night groovers and butt shakers amongst you.

B – Anything With A Moment: is a dirty little thumper, with a very odd use of the kick drum that stutters in off beat patterns. Don’t let this be off putting though as when used in combination with all of the other elements works well. The other percussive details have a nice swing to them and as a whole feel solid enough. The synth sounds used are really cool, raw stab sounds that are softened at points in the track by pad and synth styling’s. This track will probably take a few listens to be absorbed properly by the listener but give it a go you maybe surprised that you did.

a. Jay Daniel - Thank U Jay

b. Jay Daniel - Anything With A Moment