Javonntte - Mind Over Matter


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Still riding high on the warm praises for his excellent, “The Musical Stylings of…” EP on NDATL, Javonntte is welcomed with open arms into the Sistrum family. Bringing some chunk and a bit of funk, the “Mind Over Matter EP” is a raw expression of Detroit house music at its finest. As always, enjoy…

A1 – Theme From Javonntte
As the name suggests, this cut sets the tone for the EP – raw, chunky, deep and dripping with soul. Traditional house music vibes are on display with a punchy kick leading the way into a bass heavy groove, punctuated by key stabs and classic vocal snippets. A vintage modern chugger for the dancers out there.

A2 – Jazzmatazz
Javonntte has his way with funky jazz samples and brings forth an absolutely proper rendition in the sample house tradition. Piano riffs are sliced and diced to perfection, backed by a walking jazz bassline and understated drum rhythms. Raw - in all the best ways.

B1 – Capricorn
“Capricorn” goes deeper into a clanky, clacky, swinging late night groove. A soul tickling bassline provides the foundation for the interplay of swirling synth pads and movement-inducing organ stabs. Simply put, this cut embodies the true essence of deep house – funky, hypnotic, soulful, futuristic and traditional, all at once.

B2 – This Melody (Vocal)
To our great pleasure, Javonntte showcases his exceptional vocal talent on “This Melody.” Javonntte’s tone has a truly classic feel that will transport listeners back to a time when the music stood on its own merits without overproduction and over-the- top digital effects. The feeling leads the way, so follow it with open ears and be rewarded.

B3 – This Melody (Instrumental)
Javonntte strips things back and lets the groove breathe on this instrumental of “This Melody.” Keys, bass and drums working like a well-oiled machine. A fitting way to cap off an excellent EP of future/classic vibrations.


a1. Theme From Javonntte

a2. Jazzmatazz

b1. Capricorn

b2. This Melody (Vocal)

b3. This Melody (Instrumental)