James Bangura - For The People EP


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Release Date: 6th August 2021

With this EP James Bangura has definitely taken me to another place musically. It certainly is the deepest record on any of the Holding Hands labels and yet I was so drawn to the tracks. Something about the weight of the sub just called to me and then shot me off into an imaginary club space. I could feel myself swaying with my eyes closed in a dark space with enormous subs and it felt right.

There is a real dream like quality to this collection and at the same time there is level of bite just beneath the surface. You listen and float but at the same time there is a sense of unease that comes from the off-kilter rhythms and sounds that appear from time to time.

They may not be the straight to the face hair raisers that you might expect from a release that I’m involved in but you will find that if you take them to the right space they will definitely have the power to create impact and moments of insight.

OK enough of my blather. Go and listen to the damn things yourself and decide if you like them, rather than trying to work it out from reading a bloody press release you weirdos.

All four tracks are produced and sculpted for the club. They want big sound systems and dark rooms.

Close your eyes, hold hands and experience transcendental space flight...

a1. James Bangura - For The People

a2. James Bangura - Object Of My Affection

b1. James Bangura - Target Velocity

b2. James Bangura - What Happened To Us All