JahYu ft. Ras Tinny - Freedom Of Movement


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Release Date: Friday 13th October 2017

Spreading its wings once more, spiritually aligned within the realms of Dub and Dubstep - imprint Tripedal Crow conjures their second anticipated vinyl release. Geographically based in Hamburg, Germany – label owner and prolific producer JahYu aptly combines the roots heritage of Dub music with traditional Korean, oriental influences – forming the foundation of his signature sound with the message of outernational unity beyond national borders through the release’s lyrics. Churning out bass-centered dance music for over half a decade, the talented artist has unceasingly refined his sonic qualities, a certainty, which is further proven to be true with TCR002 – a four-track heavyweight of his collaboration with venerated MC and vocalist Ras Tinny – dubbed ‘Freedom of Movement’. With the original ‘Again Again’, a dub version and two high-grade remixes by the likes of Alpha & Omega and Akcept, this one will be sure to be heard on sound systems all over – version business along a digital bonus track: Alpha & Omega’s Dub Version.

Wondrous flute melodies emerge and join the true-to-the-roots rhythm alongside the invigorating chants of Ras Tinny, submerged in low frequencies and skanking chords. Drawn into deep meditation, the resulting soundscape serves to illuminate JahYu’s respect- and skillful application of his oriental heritage. Firmly woven into the contemporary roots scene, Alpha & Omega picks up the pace with their version – switching up the bassline, routing the original through the black box that is their quality dubwise production, while keeping the arrangement true to the original overall. Flipping the record, we’re met with an introspective spin on the original. Aligning itself alongside submerged low frequency oscillations, tending to a more modern sonic signature than its A-Side counterpart - enveloped in a melancholic, pensive atmosphere – deep meditation is guaranteed. Version upon version, the track is being followed up with a mighty remix by the proficient hands of emerging NZ artist: Akcept. Warbled sonic introductions and scattered chord reverberations join figurative hands and dance in midst of a driving and ceaselessly forward-stepping bassline, perfectly concluding the spiritual sounds of this 12”.

a1. JahYu ft. Ras Tinny - Again Again

a2. JahYu ft. Ras Tinny - Again Again (Alpha & Omega Remix)

b1. JahYu ft. Ras Tinny - Again A Version

b2. JahYu ft. Ras Tinny - Again A Version (Akcept Remix)