J.Wiltshire - SH003


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Released 7th July 2017

Electro, Techno and Ambient works from Super Hexagon co-founder Jacob Wiltshire. Each created with a nod to the past and the future. Support comes from the likes of FaltyDL, James Ruskin, Klose One, Kirsti (Null + Void), Hrdvsion, Smash TV, Severino, dOP, Danny Tenaglia, Deft, Xxxy, Paco Osuna, Kristian (Amé), Iron Blu, Mamiko Motto (NTS), Dense & Pika, Martelo (NTS), Samuel Bailey (Apple Music).

a1. Large Mammals

a2. Existential Energy

b1. DX Hell/Hvn

b2. No More Knives