J&L - Tides


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Release Date: 15th December 2017

Deep Sound Channel delve deeper into the waters of ESHU. Following releases from ARC# and Tom Liem comes J&L, the team of Jocelyn Abell and Tom Liem, with a storm of emotions. Brooding, menacing, the tumult of "Uneven Tides" introduces. Steady thuds support flows of warmth, flows countered by piercing coldness in a track that is as absorbing as it is haunting. A sea of veritable tranquillity descends for "Lunar Tides." Soften, staggered basslines are punctuated with crisp skeletal cymbal. New textures come to the surface for the autumnal currents of "Ocean Tides." Churning chords reflect night skies, shifting percussion floating amidst the jetsam.

a1. Uneven Tides

b1. Lunar Tides

b2. Ocean Tides