J:Kenzo - Skatta / Alight


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Cosmic Bridge Records

Released 1st April 2016

Cosmic Bridge Records welcomes J:Kenzo for a double dose of jungle nostalgia viewed through the lens of its recent renaissance.
On ’Skatta’ b/w ‘Alight’, the British producer returns to the sound he first embraced as a teenager by infusing the basics of jungle — cut up breaks, layered pads, and vocal samples from the never-ending trove of Jamaica’s music history — with modern techniques and a healthy dose of low end.
The A-side beings with a throwback, uplifting intro that promptly fades into a tough dancehall-inspired rhythm flourished with shards of breakbeats, catchy chants, and sirens echoing into the darkest corners of the club. J:Kenzo keeps the energy high with scatterings of percussion that play against the distinct bass line melodies. Flip over and watch him set the dance alight with a subtle exercise in junglistic rollage, four minutes of uncompromising break extravagance, tight edits, and pulsing bass that take no prisoners. J:Kenzo treats the classic sound with a reverent approach without being afraid to twist it up. “This release is my ode to 1990s jungle,” he admits.
After emerging in the late 2000s, J:Kenzo first came to prominence in 2010 thanks to the keen ears and support of Youngsta, landing his debut album on the legendary Tempa label before signing releases to Metalheadz, 31 Records, and Exit. His contribution to the growing Cosmic Bridge discography further confirms his talent.

a. J:Kenzo - Skatta

b. J:Kenzo - Alight