J Choirboy - Full Effect


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Released 13th January 2017

Following his debut solo release ‘Altar Ego EP’ on La Mission in early 2016, J Choirboy returns with more bombastic breakbeats and raucous rave chords for your earholes.

Another sharp shot of nostalgia to the heart to have you waking up spluttering in the glory days of ‘92. Simpler times when the internet was still in black-and-white and you and seven of your mates would pile into Gaz’s Vauxhall Corsa and drive to a field somewhere off the M25 for a ‘propa wicked’ rave which you found out about from a party hotline on a crumpled flyer with some tenuous reference to science in the title.

It’s once more time to don the boiler suit and your rose-tinted Lennon frames, bask in the smell of Vicks VapoRub, and pour over the Polaroid albums of yesteryear. A colossal bass drum with a healthy slathering of reverb lays the foundation in ‘Full Effect’; the interlaced hardcore stab sets a melancholy tone. But lo! In rush the clattering chords of the piano, refuelling the piece with MDMA-laden euphoria.

In ‘Lights Down’, J Choirboy explores the sombre and reflective modes of the hoover synth. Subtle plaintive chords offset the characteristic rumbling bass drum and syncopated cadences of the breakbeats.

As the first release on new label Rough Grade, the EP provides an uncompromising dance floor onslaught, occasionally soothing the listener with catchy melodies before continuing course through a stormy sea of roaring beats. Not for the faint of heart. Vital Sales Points: - support from Answer Code Request, Ryan Elliott, Boys Noize, Dustin Zahn, Fiedel, Martyn, and many more for previous release ‘Altar Ego EP’ on La Mission.

a. J Choirboy - Full Effect

b. J Choirboy - Lights Down