ITPDWIP - Anachronism EP


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Frustrated Funk

Released 25th March 2016

An anachronism is a chronological inconsistency in some arrangement, especially a juxtaposition of person(s), events, objects, or customs from different periods of time. The most common type of anachronism is an object misplaced in time, but it may be a verbal expression, a technology, a philosophical idea, a musical style, a material/textile, a plant or animal, a custom or anything else associated with a particular period in time so that it is incorrect to place it outside its proper temporal domain". Frustrated Funk welcomes Heinz Kammler's Teleportation Process Detected While In Progress [ITPDWIP] project to it's roster.

a1. Someone Else Is Living at Her House Now

a2. We Will Be There Yesterday

b1. Approaching

b2. Time Stood Still While We Changed