Ipman - Constrict / Running Man


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Released 9th December 2016

Following last year’s dangerously good ‘Depatterning’ LP, Ipman returns to Tectonic to deliver his latest instalment in bass-driven technoid mutations. ‘Constrict’ jumps straight into the deep end at 140bpm, diving head first into pulsing waves of warping, dynamic synth layers; swimming back up to the surface for air. As the intro build peaks, the track effortlessly strikes when the bass drops in, charging the techno synth interplay with a sort of 3/4-step type rhythm shaping the movements. Impeccable dance floor music that sits in an undefined zone between the worlds of techno, dubstep and somewhere yet defined. Flip then for ‘Running Man’, which sees a sharp drop in tempo, bringing the speed down to 120bpm but maintaining the energetic build of Constrict. Starting from an almost empty space, ‘Running Man’ takes an upward momentum, building and layering percussion and sonic textures as the heat of the chase takes full effect. Dark and deadly, this is one for fans of sci-fi sonics and dread vibrations.

a1. Constrict

b1. Running Man