Invite - Forbidden Transition EP


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Released 4th November 2016

Label-head Invite returns to his own imprint with a stunning 4-track solo EP. The EP is opened by a 'Determine', a somewhat deeper track with a very simple, yet powerful sequence that is supported by a very powerful kickdrum. 'Measure' continues the vibe set on the A-side, with it's very deep low-end and hypnotising synth-sequence topped with an aggressive ride. 'Refund' - the first track on the B-side - is a very stripped down, four-to-the-floor track that feels like the type of tool-tracks you'd find on EP's back in the days. The EP is concluded by the wonderful ambiance 'Excitation' sets which is a great track for starting or ending a set. Invite's Choice is at it again with a great EP that evolves all around the style Invite is known for; chaotic sequences, old school, stripped down use of drum machines and deep yet powerful low-ends.

a1. Determine

a2. Measure

b1. Refund

b2. Excitation