Inhmost - Dragbacks on Dockweiler State Beach


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CD hand stamped, Each one unique.

Low runs a speciality (50 for sale)

Greta Cottage Woodpile bringing some ecstatic ambient works to dinner.

Inhmost recalls distant memories of a sun bleached beach and former glories faded back into sand.

A time of youthful hope and dreams of grandeur that have morphed over the years into reminiscent memories for two of the crew…

As if Inhmost climbed into their minds and created a dusty road trip using gear from the era – glacial reverbs and slow motion builds drip from speakers, floating audio across ears like filamentous achenes from a dandelion.

Miniscule hints of Goan beaches and horizontal D&B backrooms drift past your frame of reference, never breaking that stream of consciousness beaming out from the sun shadow of Dockweiler State Beach.

An LP for summer earbuds & early morning sunrise sessions, ambient music that is unashamedly retro, yet staring hard into the future with asynchronous joy.

If you recall The Orb & KLF Chillout reigned supreme over your post rave mornings, as you nursed a cup of tea and a roach then this Trip is for you… and if you don’t, enjoy your travels with an open mind.

Bliss Out.

1. Close your Eyes

2. I Don't Know

3. Gravity (Feat. Nashira)

4. Bubble Wrap

5. Sinsa Spaced

6. Slow Motion

7. Things

8. Spacial Awareness

9. Chip Shop

10. Edge Of Space