Impish - Hush [Limited Edition CD]


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Release Date: 9th March 2018

Moscow based multi-talent Impish presents the Hush LP, his latest album project that has been released strictly on vinyl and is now available on CD as well. 

Working through labels such as Hospital Records, C.I.A., ProgRAM and his own fast rising Occulti Music imprint Impish is quickly establishing a name for himself in the global drum & bass scene. In a world that consumes more and more music in a superficial way Impish manages to take a halt on the Hush LP with timeless songwriting, arrangement and production inspired by live music and drum work. 

From effortlessly rolling tracks such as "Can't Feel" and "Shadows" towards more introspective vibes on "Changing Colours" and the LP's title track a common thread runs clearly throughout the album: the aim for perfection, true craftmanship and a drive to combine to high-quality beats and breaks with musical elements. UK based female singer Kate Wild, Julia Marks and Irish drum & bass producer Zero T feature on the album for vocal appearances and remix work.

01. Impish - Can't Feel

02. Impish - That's Right

03. Impish feat. Julia Marks - Solid

04. Impish - Let Me

05. Impish - Solid (Zero T remix)

06. Impish - Shadows

07. Impish - Changing Colours

08. Impish - Hush