Horace Andy - Dancehall Style


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Horace Andy's greatest artistic achievement, surpassing even his Skylarking set for Studio One. With definitive reworks of songs he first recorded for Bunny Lee and Derrick Harriott (Money Money and Lonely Woman); a deadly version of Lloyd Robinson's Cuss Cuss; and a first outing for Spying Glass, later versioned by Massive Attack. Musicians include Wackies regulars like Owen Stewart and Oral Cooke from Itopia, and Ras Menilik and Jah T; also Sleepy's multi-instrumentalist spar Myrie Dread from the recent In The Light sessions for Hungry Town. At the desk, Lloyd barnes, Junior Delahaye and Douglas Levy coax unequalled vocal performances from the singer, showcased in ineffable extended mixes.

01. Money Money

02. Lonely Woman

03. Cuss Cuss

04. Stop the Fuss

05. Spying Glass

06. Lets Live In Love