Homemade Weapons - Negative Space (3x12" Marbled Vinyl LP)


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Released 9th December 2016

'Negative Space' is the debut LP from Seattle, USA resident Andre Delgado, known to most as Homemade Weapons. A producer with a long history in Drum and Bass, his career hit a powerful stride around 2012 when a stripped back, militant, half speed version of the genre began emerging. Andre was in the leading charge of producers perfecting this new minimal approach. Using classic jungle break edits as rapid-fire emphasis tools on top of mood-soaked, half-time, kick drum driven rhythms, the Homemade Weapons style quickly became recognised as one of the most unique and effective approaches to emerge from this experimentation. 

Following on from a slew of successful singles for Samurai Music and his own label Weaponry from 2013-2016, 'Negative Space' is the result of a refinement, an individual artist perfecting his craft. Eschewing the 'filler' approach often taken by dance music artists approaching a full length LP, 'Negative Space' is 12 tracks of what Homemade Weapons does best - essential dance-floor weapon's for those tuned in to this new strain of Drum and Bass. 

a1. Hawkeye

a2. Spasmolytic

b1. Retina (with Red Army)

b2. Ironhead

c1. Echoes

c2. Tidal Track

d1. Malice

d2. Kawbox (with Gremlinz)

e1. Conduit VIP

e2. Red Herring

f1. Third Rail

f2. Killing Moon