Hodge - HEK025


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Hodge is one of those rare producers keeping the quality on point while unleashing a near constant stream of music. Releasing no less than nine singles and EP's in two years (in parallel to his work as half of the duo Outboxx) the Young Bristolian has rapidly claimed a sonic territory of his own. Anthemic melodies, militant drums, cavernous sub bass have combined on future classics released on Berceuse Heroique, Punch Drunk and Tempa. 2015 will no doubt see Hodge increasingly dominate the ever-mutating UK underground.

His debut release on Hemlock lays four heavyweight tracks spread over two pieces of vinyl cut loud and proud by Sam at Precise. The EP spans all aspects of the Hodge signature sound: Tribal steppers, Sound system wreckers, twisted drum edits and haunting melodies.

If you don't know about Hodge...;. you better get to know!

a. Hodge - Blood Moon

b. Hodge - I Don't Recognise You Lately

c. Hodge - Recall

d. Hodge - Tail Of The Snake