Hiroaki Iizuka - Voodoo EP


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Released 2nd December 2016

THEM records welcomes back Hiroaki Iizuka for the its fifth outing. Having supplied the 'The Run' as the labels first record, here Iizuka doubles its play time and track listing length in his stunning Voodoo EP. The extra time offered allows Iizuka to flex more of his versatile style. THEM as a label sets out to eschew a Techno norm largely made up of a traditional 4 x 4 sound. Having come from a London background, the curating of the label gives a nod to the rave sounds of the Capital - especially D&B, Garage, Breakbeat Hardcore and Grime. That is to say of course along with its characteristic aesthetic of Horror and The Gothic. In Iizuka THEM found a common ground: Based in Hokkaido, Japan, Iizuka does not share the same London influences, yet shares their base values and thrust. Common themes of his sound involve broken and syncopated beats, and a rave energy. This is what lead him to being the first and prime THEM stable artist. Voodoo EP showcases this breadth of Iizuka's style, from tracks that could easily fit into any Grime set, such as Primitive Acid, to the more melodic tones of Floating Point, in which Hiroaki guides THEM into previously untrodden ground for the imprint.

a1. Module

a2. Floating Point

b1. Voodoo

b2. Primitive Acid