Hidden Turn - The Ride [3x12" Vinyl]


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Released 22nd July 2016

Hidden Turn first came to the attention of Doc Scott & 31 Recordings with the track 'Big Dirty'. Scott had been playing it on his Future Beats radio show and contacted him about releasing it on his 31 label. That first release made quite a splash across the dnb world and beyond and was described by the label as 'kinda dnb, kinda not, but we like it'. Hidden Turn returns in 2016 with his and the labels, debut artist album 'The Ride'.

a1. Begin

a2. Learning

b1. How To

b2. Not Kill

c1. Follow

c2. Positive Vibes

d1. In the Name OF (feat. Key)

d2. Freedom

e1. Anybody Can

e2. Not Fear

f1. Passing (feat. Seo)

f2. Over