Helltown Acid Militia - Spaced Out in Sweden EP


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Release Date: 26th January 2018

The jam starts with "Orange Sunshine" (doesn't it always?) Of course as usual it takes a while to kick in and by the time it does it's obvious Helltown Acid Militia are back with their time warping spaceship. By the second track "Still Turning" the fog clears a little, but there are still echoes of a time past, what is it? can't quite put my finger on it... On the flip we are met with chunky 909 rhythms in "More Important", because what's more important than a 909 rhythm track? For the final outing "Broadcast" (which may be the real hidden gem here) the tempo drops and there's chord stabs, strings and talk of UFOs. Its at this point that you realise that the label on the record has a picture of Mitzi the cat, in a SPACE SUIT, HOLDING A WHITE 303!! This acid really is a trip.

a1. Orange Sunshine

a2. Still Turning

b1. More Important

b2. Broadcast