Hedge Maze - Kerb Hits


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Drifting as a snow-smattered cloud from The North, breathing icy winds crackling with the splinters of crystal water and effervescent dust, Hedge Maze returns to the Lobster Theremin fold with four gently glowing tracks-from-the-hut that span crunchy house, hotel elevator ambient, deep-sea techno and skittering percussive drone. 

Sand-blasted productions that curdle and bake with the treatment of valve-driven machinery, steadily condensing ideas on a window pane in Todmorden. 

Both Kerb Hits and Hyowl tread familiar Hedge Maze territory; coated in hazy noise, rumbling along in a hap-hazardous late night stagger and drawing melodic elements from the radiance of passing street lamps. 

Ourca finds Hedge Maze in mask and flippers, diving below the light and into the darkness of the Pacific where only the blue and killer whales reside. Calling out from the void and feeding the racing heartbeat of the terrified and wondered observer. 

Interlude is the closing masterpiece. An elevator refrain heard a thousand times reimagined for end-of-the-night slow dance usage. A club-cleanse born out of an opposing idea. Swaying as one or as two or as three or more. The curtain drawing on the final act.

a1. Kerb Hits

a2. Ourca

b1. Interlude

b2. Hyowl