Gulls - Rhythm Sounds From Planet Illness


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Released 18th November 2016

Embodying a pure devotion to syncopation and dub, and carrying the torch for innovation, collaboration, and bass here in Portland, GULLS kicks off our new DJ music label Common Language. We sought a record that could bravely blend techno, funk, dub, cumbia, and sound collage into one set of moves. Only Gulls could fulfill this mission, with bass as the glue in the collage. "Eastwood Bounce" and "System Pools (Shock Version)" hold down the dub continuum, where "In These Times" and "Up Clean Sound" offer syncopated, globally minded un-techno, again run through the Gulls dub blender. An endlessly chewy, layered sound is his signature, each track a showcase for contrast between glassy or globular timbres. As one of his few official Gulls releases outside of his own label, we are proud to bring this definitive and complete set of tunes in a "something for everyone" 4-song ep format.

a1. Eastwood Bounce

a2. In These Times

b1. Up Clean Sound

b2. Sytem Pools (Shock Version)