Grup Ses - Alliance


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Released 28th October 2016

The second LP from Grup has finally arrived, five years after his first release, which is today is totally sold out and very hard to find. 19 tracks in the pure Grup Ses style, a perfect blend of instrumental hip-hop and bass music, spiced by turkish-psych samples. The album's conception took three years in Beyoglu, Istanbul, where Grup Ses invited the best of the turkish beat-making scene, but also called for his european connections : Gantz, Fulgeance, Coco Bryce, Nodul, Biblo, Elektro Hafiz and many more contributed to make this release unique.

a1. Grup Ses - Velkram

a2. Grup Ses and Coco Bryce - GSBCB

a3. Grup Ses - Krauthane

a4. Grup Ses and Gantz - Ayran Spill

a5. Grup Ses - Atar

a6. Grup Ses - Tektosag Riddim

a7. Grup Ses - Gider

a8. Grup Ses - Daral

a9. Grup Ses and Nodul - Boxer and Kemer

a10. Grup Ses - Telesafir

b1. Grup Ses and Fulgeance - Intervals

b2. Grup Ses - Büyüleyici part 3

b3. Grup Ses - Ses feat. Stormtrap Asifeh, Edd Abbas, Kolonel Blip

b4. Grup Ses and Ethnique Punch - Baykuşun Akşamı

b5. Grup Ses and Ağaçkakan - Re:Gece Geceyi

b6. Grup Ses and Biblo - Wane Reinterpretation

b7. Grup Ses and Elektro Hafiz - Mega Hafiza

b8. Grup Ses, Da Poet and Elektro Hafiz - Motorize

b9. Grup Ses - MMH (Levni LPG Remix)