Groovy D - BadderDanDem


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Release Date: 18th March 2022

Leeds garage connoisseur and Time Is Now family member Groovy D is back with a kaleidoscopic 4-tracker which sees him explore the many different flavours of UKG with the help of grime legend, Trim.

When it comes to rhythm and texture, BadderDanDem EP leaves few stones unturned. On the title track, a heavily swung two-step rhythm - seemingly off kilter yet fiercely controlled - keeps you on your toes, whilst sinister sub groans and the unmistakable flow of protean MC, Trim, make it a real soundsystem banger. Next up, '187Dreams' welcomes the first of many shifts in mood. At once maintaining the womping bassline which make it equally as suited to big stacks, this one sees melody take centre stage, licked with infectious vocals which inject a dose of groove and soul. Flip the record over and speed garage banger 'Haul&Pull' brings the high-octane ruffage before '97Groove' adds a bit of sex appeal, closing precedings luscious pads and and a tight two-step rhythm.

A1 Groovy D feat. Trim - BadderDanDem

A2 Groovy D - 187Dreams

B1 Groovy D - Haul&Pull

B2 Groovy D - 97Groove