Golden Teacher - Sauchiehall Enthrall


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Golden Teacher

Cooked straight on the searing streets of Glasgow and served up for mind-bending, floor-filling pleasure – Golden Teacher are back with Sauchiehall Enthrall, an all-new four track EP released directly by the band. Following a slew of snapped-up releases on Optimo Music, Soul Jazz / SOTU, Huntleys & Palmers and Akashic Records – which saw the band meld the worlds of acid-house, leftfield disco, EBM, dub and afrobeat – Golden Teacher have redrawn the boundaries of their sound yet again, giddily embracing jacked-up UK funky, dancehall, musique concrète and further tripped-out stylings from the badlands of Escocia. Slithering, rattling and snapping like a snake with a toothache, this EP is further proof that Golden Teacher are one of the most infectious and unhinged dance acts around at the moment. The EP comes in screen-printed silver sleeves made by the band's own hands.

a1. Golden Teacher - Shatter

a2. Golden Teacher - No Hemos Vivido

b1. Golden Teacher - On The Street

b2. Golden Teacher - In The Close