GLXY - Research & Development [2 x 12" Vinyl]


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Available: 11th December 2020

GLXY’s debut album Research & Development is the culmination of years of sonic enhancement and experimentation. A fusion of electronic elements and soulful soundscapes, the album marks the next chapter in the GLXY story.

Distant, cascading arpeggios over heart-like pulsations set the tone in ruminating intro ‘Hypothesis’, which seamlessly flows into title track ‘Research & Development’. As elements slowly combine, the track builds into an energetic rolling beat that’s unlike anything previously heard from the duo before. ‘Conclusions’ follows, featuring a soulful piano hook and wistful vocals from Irish talisman Steo. Rasping strings and techy percussion come together in introspective ‘Falling’, the cold, distant voices creating a particularly eerie atmosphere.

A short, modulating arpeggio prelude makes way for lead single ‘She Sings For Me’ featuring Manchester’s DRS. Melancholic chords and a rolling jungle beat merge with his deeply pensive vocals to create a match made in GLXY. Showcasing their moodier liquid sound, ‘Changed Forever’ features a captivating vocal hook and brooding synth stabs. ‘LP Track’ flips the script – a cameo appearance from Friction reminiscent of his past Radio 1 days leads into a boppy garage beat full of funk.

Submotion Orchestra’s frontwoman Ruby Wood is the star of the show in ‘Abstraction’, her sentimental vocals soar over GLXY’s trademark undulating bassline and airy atmospherics. Citing inspiration from garage, electro and breakbeat, ‘Crescent’ is a nod to the duo’s influences - Burial-esque percussion over building pads and warm bass. Canadian Anastasia lends her vocal talents on ‘It’s Not Love’, an analogue bassline interweaving in between a rippling synth motif and her contemplative lyrics.

The darkest undertaking on the album, ‘Fourth State’ showcases GLXY’s masterful technical ability in the studio. Their hallmark synth pads lead into a bouncing, modulating bassline that’s sure to light up a dancefloor. Playful breakbeat interlude ‘Rapture’ captures a moment from Shogun Audio’s epic 2017 Christmas party at Phonox, with the album concluding on ‘Anatomy’, a 6 minute journey from start to finish… watch out for that 2nd drop! 

a1. Intro

a2. Research & Development

a3. Conclusions feat. Steo

b1. Falling

b2. She Sings For Me feat. DRS

b3. Changed Forever

c1. The LP Track

c2. Abstraction feat. Ruby Wood

c3. Crescent

d1. It's Not Love feat. Anastasia

d2. Fourth State

d3. Anatomy