Giorgio Moroder vs. I-Robots - Utopia – Me Giorgio (The I-Robots Reconstructions)


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Release Date: 3rd October

Deeplay / Opilec Music offers up two new versions of a classic and previously unreleased (on 12" at least) disco-fried Giorgio Moroder track in the form of 'Utopia - Me Giorgio'. 

The remixer is Opilec Music boss, I-Robots, who has reworked classic Moroder material before and who is a huge fan of the disco and electronic music pioneer Einzelgänger.

The concept of this release was simply to create longer versions of the track that was originally included in the From Here To Eternity partially mixed album - incredibly no one else has officially done this since the original release date in 1977.  Importantly, though, because the track is so seminal, the remixes are all hugely sympathetic affairs that don't change the atmosphere or intentions of the original artist.
Up first is the 'I-Robots 1977 Reconstruction', which has just seen the original extended from3:23 minutes to almost 7 minutes (all these reconstructions are long). The result is a fantastic thing that is now perfectly suited to club play with fulsome modern production, a revisited version that is a perfect reinterpretation maintaining the spirit of the '77 original.

For the 'I-Robots 2014 Tape Reconstruction', the remixer had a dream that he found an old original Moroder tape in a flea market and used it to beef up this track. The addition of analog tape background noise gives the mix a dirty and dusty vintage sound and as such it now has a strong and powerful impact with infectious drums, frazzled synth lines and plenty of meaty disco dazzle.

Finally, The 'I-Robots 2014 Reconstruction' is the clean version of the Tape Reconstruction with a powerful tech-house beat underpinning it, making it the version most suited to heavy dance floor usage.
The vinyl release includes only the 1977 and the 2014 Tape Reconstructions and is handled exclusively by Opilec Music.

a1. Utopia - Me Giorgio (I-Robots 1977 Reconstruction)

b1. Utopia - Me Giorgio (I-Robots 2014 Tape Reconstruction)