Gerra & Stone - Polarism [2x12" White Vinyl Album]


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Release Date: 22nd September 2017

Mapping out their interpretation of 170 BPM music today, Gerra & Stone are proud to present their debut album 'Polarism' on Dispatch Recordings this September.

Harnessing wide ranging influences and often contrasting moods into the drum & bass tempo, 'Polarism' is Gerra & Stone pouring their passions into a project to bring honest, emotionally charged music from the soul, balanced by swathes of darkness and groove guided havoc.

Elements of their full spectrum come to fruition throughout the album in tracks such as 'The Fourth State', whilst shifting focuses onto more sultry, idyllic styles in 'In Disguise', right across to the gritty, dancefloor primed pressure of 'Blank'.

Enhancing the vibe of their journey, Gerra & Stone favour vocal features over collaborations, inviting close friend Visionobi, the divine Peta Oneir and introducing Jordan Jr. for the superb 'On The Outside', a track which also sees musician Stephen Mcleery returning on the piano.

Sharing their own adept approach to the genre with a milestone release, Gerra & Stone bring opposing forces into natural unison with a superbly polished debut album.

The album is available as a 12" white vinyl double pack. This includes the Vinyl Exclusive track - "The Fourth State [Dub Mix]". 

Please note the Vinyl Exclusive track is not available digitally anywhere!

Product info:
- 140g vinyl
- White vinyl
- Double pack sleeve
- Gloss finish
- Shrinkwrapped

a1. Time Not Wasted

a2. Repeat Process

b1. On The Outside (Ft. Stephen McCleery & Jordan Jnr)

b2. The Fourth State (Dub Mix) (Vinyl Exclusive)

c1. Control Information

c2. Blank

d1. Take Me Home

d2. Ferrite