General Purpose - Blow In The Bag (incl. Anton Klint Remix)


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Release Date: 19th May 2017

Blow in the bag - The second release for General Purpose. This time label bosses Len Leise and Salvador Ricardo as General Purpose have teamed up with Anton Klint of Sweden to bring you a different structure to a dance movement.

Suck of the Sav is a melodic array of swirling jungle sounds colliding in a rainforest off the coast of Jupiter. The beat is deeply moving and organic.

Anton Klint shows his rough psychedelic techno sound with his Suck of the Sav re-interpretation. A charged and confident club track to lose yourself in, on the dance floor, eyes closed, feet moving, shoulders chugging and chest vibrating. Lookout for the switch-up.

Slim Dusty is what it would sound like if you were riding a kangaroo whilst on acid in the Australian outback. Now imagine that! It's a bouncy, fun, quirky percussive number that will ensure 100% vibe.

a1. Suck of the Sav

b1. Suck of the Sav (Anton Klint Remix)

b2. Slim Dusty