Gang of Four & Herbert Grönemeyer - The Dying Rays Collection / Die Staubkorn-Sammlung


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This is a song about impermanence that will last forever. Surprising, moving—haunting—'The Dying Rays' marks the innovative collaboration between the legendary Gang of Four and one of the world’s greatest singers, Germany’s top selling artist Herbert Grönemeyer.

'The Dying Rays' is epic and atmospheric, powerful, subtle, melancholy and unique, matching Herbert Gronemeyer's extraordinary voice with the textures of Andy Gill's guitar. The addition of the Rivalry remix to 'The Dying Rays Collection' completes this bold collection, the rolling beats aimed at the DJ, a sort of Broken Beat Garage; it is a deep and immersive re-interpretation of a song that defies the throwaway culture of modern times. 
Control and power 
Empires were built in our minds
But it will all go up in a blaze
Only dust
In the dying rays

Kontrolle und Macht
Ganze Imperien haben wir uns erdacht
Alles wird brennen lichterloh
Es bleibt nur der Staub
im letzten Licht

a1. Staubkorn

a2. The Dying Rays (Rivalry Remix)

b1. The Dying Rays

b2. The Dying Rays (Rivalry Remix Instrumental)