From - CSR02


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Centre Source Records

Release Date: August 2016

With their focus set firmly on exposing fresh talent, the Brisbane-based, vinyl only label here present the debut release from duo Ben Milgate and Teagan Barr as From.

Opening track The Promise is a 909-riddled voyage, moving through raw grooves and melancholic, filtered synth work. Cosmic chords and a strong bassline drives The Offering steadily into moody club music territory while, on the EP flip, dubbed out Zora On holds a probing melody that whips against rolling pads and restrained vocals. Nostalgic and effervescent, Undertone closes the release beautifully, with clean keys and organic, twinkling percussion making for perfect for all day and night listening.


a1. The Promise

a2. The Offering

b1. Zora On

b2. Undertone