FreiTanzPlatten - FTP002


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Release Date: 13th October 2017

The second release from FTP explores the sweet spot between Detroit Ghetto-Tech, Juke, and Jungle. The opening track, “Phonky No. 69,” is designed for maximum level booty dropping effect. It starts with a raunchy vocal hook over a booming electro beat, before unleashing nasty breaks, at which point the dance floor is guaranteed to pop off. Handle with care when deploying this bomb, the first release from DJ DR-660. The second track on the A side paces upward and into Juke territory. It fills up the sonic space with lush pads and crisp jungle breaks, before breaking down to thick Rhodes chords, in eternal Rashad fashion. The B side opens with a track from the mysterious newcomer Shadow Moses, who teases with some euphoric pads, before launching a massive lardossian missile that heads straight for the booty. The compilation closes with a electro beat executed with surgical precision and care, filled with hypnotic percussive elements and a life-affirming baseline. It was lovingly distilled and synthesized in Frankfurt directly from the Detroit source.

a1. Thinh - Yellow Brain

a2. DJ DR-660 - Phonky No. 69

b1. Shadow Moses - Phreeks

b2. C.D.N. - Bonus Beat