Franklin De Costa - Jolted EP


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Not So Much

Release Date: 10th October

New sounds from an old friend... I'd been running Franklin De Costa's records for years, but after I played for his party in Berlin a few years back we kept in touch. 

He runs a club night called Mother's Finest which puts on artists like Tessela, Truss, Untold, DJ Fett Burger and more, as well as releasing singles under his own name on labels like Killekill and Curle, and, as Mudkid, beautiful tracks on Greta Cottage Workshop. 

The three trax built for this EP on Not So Much are, like anything fresh and futuristic, hard to pin down in words. SSSooo is a kind of detuned chattering b-boy cut that slides sideways between dimensions while always driving forward. MLDK
is another one for any dancers with moves. 
It's tension-heavy, dubby basement shit with an almost spoken/sung synth line providing the dread and at the same time, a sense of class. Both MDLK and SSSooo have a playful side too, a knowing kind of sultriness, if that makes sense -
but the rhythms are tight and efficient. 

Purple Train on the other hand is loose as anything, and ramps up the narcotic sexiness in a groove for afterhours sessions. 
I don't want to describe it as sex, drugs and rollers, but this is kind of writing itself. With this one, the dub is wise, the time is forgotten and the wrongness is righteous. 

FDC is the second outside artist (after Samuel/Ploy) to release on the label, and I'm really happy that the family is finally growing
- all the waiting and all the declined demos have paid off. 

There are more releases from more artists in the pipeline, some you'll have heard of, and some fresh blood too. 
Thanks for reading and listening! Mosca

a1. SSSooo

b1. MLDK

b2. Purple Train