Fouk - Kill Frenzy


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A1 – A Kill Frenzy sounds like this might be some maddening chaotic tune, but far from it. This is for you jazz house heads who like a few dub fx thrown in for good measure. The use of percussive space echo fx elements work together with the more traditional house style leads. Main beat structure is at the forefront here, with solid kicks and live sounding high hats, then effected claps and rides kick into add to the overall energy of the track. This is a cool way to start the EP make no mistake about that.

B1 – Lefty’s Bar A more vocal sample based vibe is the mainstay here. This is definitely a summer outdoor feeling, very jazzy lead sounds and laid back groove that would suit any sunny afternoon of chilling and swaying. The use of vox samples here is done with great precision and really adds an authenticity to the piece. The moment where the key sound pitch bends is inspired and those sort of details give tracks like this longevity. The beats are more traditional, snappy and use the main three ingredients of kick, snare and hat. This is one for the summer movers and shakers baby.

B2 – Ken Sent Me The final track of the EP has got the dance floor well in its mind. Of the 3 tracks on the Kill Frenzy EP this is the most uplifting in terms of raw energy. The lead sounds have a more determined and focused feel, they have a kind of cyclic loop effect, which adds drama and urgency. Don’t think because of this that it’s in anyway offensive to the ear as it would fit at the peak time of most sets without being overbearing.

As you would expect the beat work here also follows this formula, really head nodding in its structure and has moments of calm before the storm about it in places. The vocal samples are timely in there placement in the track and give an overall depth and stamp of quality, a great way to end this EP, which is a must have for all you house troopers out there.

a1. Fouk - A Kill Frenzy

b1. Fouk - Lefty's Bar

b2. Fouk - Ken Sent Me