Footsie - King Original Vol 4 (12" Vinyl Sampler)


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Released 16th December 2016

East London Grime pioneer, Footsie, continues his instrumental grime series, 'King Original', with an exclusive vinyl sampler from upcoming album, 'King Original Vol 4', released in the new year. This vinyl sampler contains in demand instrumentals used by some of the scenes most highly respected artists and Dj’s ‘God Like’ was used by D Double E on ‘Grim Reaper; ‘Demin Black’ was used by CASISDEAD on ‘Nigella’ ‘Brake light’ - Used by Wiley and Newham Generals on ‘Unruly’ ‘Cyrillic’ - One of the scenes biggest new instrumentals, played by Slimzee, Spooky, Logan, Sir Spyro. The 'King Original' series have been part of the scenes building blocks for years now and are hugely anticipated. This vinyl foray is a first for 'King Original' and highlights the scenes new found penchant for vinyl and gives a taste of the forthcoming 15 track album which will be available in digital format only. Footsie’s productions are now scaling new heights, with productions on Skepta’s Mercury Award wining and certified gold, Konichiwa album, Wileys last two albums and a host of new releases for Giggs, Frisco, JME, Dizzee Rascal and more. Plus his long term partnership with fellow Newham General, D Double E continues to bear fruit.

A1 – God Like

A2 – Demin Black

AA1 – Brake Light

AA2 - Cyrillic