Foamplate / Sibla - Lost / Consonance


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Release Date - 22nd February 2019

Well Rounded kick off 2019 with the return of 2 artists who previously released on the label.
FOAMPLATE featured on our first ever release with 'Fuzz'. SIBLA joined the party with 'Trial' on WRDubs 03.

Both of these new contributions show further evolutions of particular aspects of their unique styles.

On the A side FOAMPLATE drops a supa-tuff shuffler entitled 'Lost'. This is a shadowy alien musical landscape built upon monolithic, monotonal subbass with subtle innovations. A weird wirey melody appears then weaves between the sharp skankin' snares and dark filtered cymbal textures. These fuse and ride out in the direction of the mid-journey breakdown. From the 2nd drop, splashes of distortion start to subvert the bottom end adding nuff grub to this dub.

On the AA side SIBLA advances his production portfolio with deft sample-sculpting. The near chopped and screwed beat places this track equidistant between hip-hop and dubstep. This brash approach to rhythm is joined by various sonic features including swells of magic harps, mourning melodica and aromatic strings. 

Be advised - these all explode into vivid-psychedelic colours in the early stages of the 2nd drop!!

a1. Foamplate - Lost

b1. Sibla - Consonance