Foamplate / Corticyte - Fuzz / Negative Space [Repress]


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Repress Due 2nd March 2018

After a hefty hiatus (or premature retirement?) Donga's Well Rounded stable of labels return with another imprint!

WRDUBS is concerned with music in the 140bpm / dubstep arena.

We always had a love and respect for deep, dark and rootsy stuff but it is only in 2015 that we feel we are receiving the kind of tracks required to get us contributing to the scene.

Pon the A-side FOAMPLATE debuts on wax with an early production and long-term fave with the WR fam. ‘Fuzz’ slides, shifts and morphs it’s bass freakquencies into high resonant squeaks. Sirens wail and moan in the hazey middle-distance as the rhythms reinvent demselves combining paranoid atmosphere with pinpoint percussion moves. Proper other-worldly half-step from this exciting new producer from our hometown of Brighton. Look out for his forthcoming hook ups with Sleeper’s Crucial Recordings and new uber-dank imprint Gully Records.

CORTICYTE also does things his own special way. In 'Negative Space' he builds a beat from hard shards of tuff near-industrial drums like a funky machine in a futuristic factory. The pressure builds until the bass drops with a rugged repetition and the hard half-step rhythm pulls the listener along in it’s misshapen wake. Finally he throws down a fade-out, sluggish djs beware!!

Corticyte also has more heavy material about to surface on Gully Records.

a. Foamplate - Fuzz

b. Corticyte - Negative Space