Flug - Alleanza Konnekt 02


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Released 22nd July 2016

"2015 was probably the busiest of my career, during the course of the year I lived many hours of flights and delays at airports, stayed at hotels with wonderful views immersed in nature and others, on the contrary, very urban. I must admit that many of these scenarios were the kick start of the creative process of "Oscillators EP. This is an EP conceived strictly for the Dancefloor, and its creation was a perfect combination between air and land, as all the tracks began on a plane and were developed on land. A very important part of the creative process when youre working on a track is the mood youre in, and there is always an extra excitement before, during and after each show, the space where you work. I take advantage of that moments and translate those feelings into music." - Flug

a1. Oscillators

b1. Avigno 42

b2. Changes