Flanger - Spinner


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A1 – Spinner | The title track on this very well crafted three track EP brings the weird and wonderful world of bleepfest vibes to the full frontal position. The sounds that have been used are sparse little flashes of atmospherics that are deep to the ear. Little raw acid notes flavor the softer stab sounds, and an almost Star Trek beaming up noise is also present. The main course on show is the beat structure; the glitch based snappy rhythm has bags of energy to spare. This is a proper leg-shaking groove that would be well suited in a dance floor build up situation.

A2 – It From Bit | The second tune has a faster tempo than the previous piece but still far away from being a crazy heavy number. The feeling here is one that is quite relaxing with a warm and welcoming attraction. Delicate percussion that has lots of detailing which is very intricate but has a wondrous hypnotism to it. This is intensified with the soundscape that encompasses a Rhodes stab that only occasionally appears but when it does sends the track into deeper territory. The sci-fi style sound effects add another dimension of urgency to “It From Bit”, and the disjointed flute noise is stunning. This track manages to be both energetic and calm at the same time and would be a tidy tune to drop in many different types of set.

B1 - Loose Joints | The final entrant on the EP combines all of what has gone before in a very mellow and thought provoking way. The complex groove is a joy to behold, with tapping snares and tippy tappy hats and the minimal use of the clap sounds, this really is a shufflers delight. The acidic nature of this track coupled with the more spaced out atmospheric pads / washes works in such a perfect way its hard to find fault with this tune. The way that it is all arranged and the originality of this tune make it worth the price of entry alone. When you consider that the “A-side” is also superb then the “Flanger – Spinner EP” comes highly recommended.

Groove smart bomb in usual hard to fix Nonplace style: UK Bass vibes, echoes of IDM, tasty bass lines.

a1. Spinner

a2. It From Bit

b1. Loose Joints