Flaccid Ashback - Proletarian Blues / Nobody VIP


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A – Proletarian Blues: A moody downtempo track in a two step flavour, haunting wind string based sounds coursing over the top of the hypnotic bass and snappy beat structure. An edgy atmosphere with a minimalistic quality, yet also retaining a very focused feel, head nodders beware you may snap necks to this one...

B – Nobody VIP: Makes use of vocal snippets at varying pitch, fused with controlled distorted synth sounds. The beats on this are again very snappy and crunchy - the energy this creates is uplifting with a touch of sideways melancholy thrown in for good measure - works well with the overall construction of the track.

For people who like downtempo two step vibes with a slight twist then it’s a no brainer really; a solid two track EP that will be right up your street, for the general collector give it a chance it may surprise you, but watch your necks.

(Aural Imbalance Review)


a. Flaccid Ashback - Proletarian Blues

b. Flaccid Ashback - Nobody VIP