Fill Spectre - Blacker / Waterstinge


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Released 11th March 2016

Fill Spectre is a 25 years old Producer, DJ, Radio Host, Self-taught musician and sound engineer from Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Fill's love for left-field music and metal brings a special ingredient to his tracks that are to leave you reckless when listening to his beats. Discovered by Joe Nice in early 2015, he got into the scene with a splash. Signed on GourmetBeats first, Banana Stand Sound with his dance-floor wrecker ''Battle for Spice'' and now onto well-known established Encrypted Audio, Fill Spectre music is one which we can't categorize as of yet.

2016 looks like a promising year with loads of forthcoming material and the search for a new sounds. Keep watch!

a. Fill Spectre - Blacker

b. Fill Spectre - Waterstinge