Felix Laband - Bag Of Bones EP (Luke Vibert Remix)


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Release Date: 26th September

The Bag of Bones EP is an unsettling yet beautiful record. Coming from a time when South Africa is undergoing an unnerving state of change with revolution bubbling just under the skin. The record speaks of hope, anger, love and dreams.
Righteous Red Berets is an ode to Stackerlee who kills another man cause he cheated his cards and we also hear from Reverend Jim Jones as he preaches hope from his mass graves.
Luke Vibert (a hero of mine since the late 90s), reinterprets the track with his unique brand of Funk and Soul that adds some love to a desperate song. 

Bag of Bones is my personal ballad to a life with the lights turned off. Just me and my guitar. Shane Cooper (AKA Card on Spokes) adds his beautiful double bass to
this track and helps it breath life.

Kill the Boer is a Remix of my 2002 Kwaito Bass classic Donkey Rattle. I based the remix around a sample of a Toy Toy from Soweto 1960 to speak about the current revolution with a different government but with the same despair.
Hope you enjoy this record.  (Felix Laband | August 2016) 

a1. Righteous Red Berets (Original

a2. Bag Of Bones

b1. Righteous Red Berets (Luke Vibert Remix)

b2. Donkey Rattle