Fatma - The Dirty Beat / Cirklar [7" Vinyl]


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Released 20th January 2017

Ltd 7" Vinyl. Second only to the JFK murder, the investigation of the assassination of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986 is the largest unsolved murder investigation in history. And like there's numerous of theories surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy so is also the case concerning the assassination of Olof Palme: 'The PKK trace', 'The police trace', The military league' are amongst many other explanation models, the headlines of the most popular conspiracy theories connected with this huge murder investigation. In Februari 2016, exactly 30 years after the shots on Sveagatan in Stockholm, F.A.T.M.A. laid the finishing touch on the two tracks 'Cirklar' and 'Dirty Beat' which Hoga Nord Rekords now releases on 7inch record. The genre can be labelled 'conspiracy funk', where the underlying message is thoroughly masked with a beat that only true professionals on funk, elektro and dub can mobilize. When the bass drops on 'Dirty Beat' it is clear that the search for best dance track in 2016 is over! The musicians behind F.A.T.M.A. are no rookies but they keep an anonymous approach: the secrecy surrounding the band fits well with the suggestion of their music and the secret agent/spy aura that encircles their sound. As undercover as SAPO-agents in a 1987 SAAB 9000 creeping up and down the streets of late eighties Stockholm, F.A.T.M.A. works their way forward in drawing the map over the confusing Palme investigation, and also over how nerve bending dance music should sound like.

a1. The Dirty Beat

b1. Cirklar