Exos - Time To Time


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Release Date: 11th March 2022

Coming off the back of his critically acclaimed Indigo LP, Icelandic Techno producer Exos drops a fresh EP full of his organic electronic grooves.

A1 harks back to the days of a simple, driving and addictive acid tracks, followed by some deeply hypnotic, icy rhythms on A2. The flipside’s B1 introduces a spiraling synth motif, its climatic effect another prime example of Exos’ unparalleled skill of pairing the sublime with the straight-forward. Slowing things down quite a bit, the vinyl’s last track balances between atmospheric details and gorgeous basslines, conjuring up a mystical downbeat scenery. Fashioned in much the same kind of organic texture, the digital bonus track builds upon the enchanted vibes for another percussive excursion into unchartered psychedelic territory.

A1 Time To Time

A2 In No Time

B1 Time of Time

B2 No to Time