Exit Records Present: The Binary Collective LP [Vinyl Edition]


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The Binary Collective is dBridge, Kid Drama, Consequence & Joe Seven. The project was conceived in one studio, the Exit Records hub that’s known as Rosie’s Box.

The album was written on hardware as opposed to software; a purposeful manipulation of machines. The creation process was a series of live ‘jams’ that pushed the machines as far as they could go in order illustrate the narrative that collective had in mind; a time where corporations control all our personal information.

The album becomes a soundtrack for a future that we find ourselves hurtling towards whilst we are distracted by so called modern world entertainment, It’s timely message by The Binary Collective.

1. Storm City (Prologue)

2. Binary Theme

3. In Pursuit

4. Data Jam

5. Cloud Creeping

6. Jumped

7. Host Night

8. Sentries Watch Us

9. Rise Of The Overdrive

10. At What End

11. Apocryphal

12. Love & Death (End Credits)

13. EK Tails (Post Credits)

14. Ash (Epilogue)