Errol Brown - Orthodox Dub [12" Vinyl LP]


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Available: 4th December 2020

Miraculously rare and seriously obscure killer of the very few hard core seventies dub albums mixed by Errol Brown.

A selection of solid dubs originally recorded by BB Seaton at Duke Reid's legendary Treasure Isle studio and mixed in-house by the Duke's nephew Errol Brown. A radical departure for all concerned this bold dub album was never officially released although a few clandestine copies reputedly did the New York rounds at the tim

a1. Errol Brown - Black Forest Rock

a2. Errol Brown - Gold Toot Style

a3. Errol Brown - Orthodox Dub

a4. Errol Brown - Rock a Tone Dub

a5. Errol Brown - Cold Sweat

b1. Errol Brown - Roots Rockas

b2. Errol Brown - Maka Dub

b3. Errol Brown - Dubba Black

b4. Errol Brown - First World Dub

b5. Errol Brown - Africa Roots Style