Eric Volta - The Dissolution of Eric Volta


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My Favourite Robot Records

Released 18th December 2015

My Favorite Robot very much prizes quality over quantity, and so it is that they offer up their carefully chosen autumn vinyl release, namely another landmark EP from key label artist Eric Volta. Fleshing out his killer originals are remixes from Swiss star Deetron and Volta as Voltaeric.

Volta is a synth whizz who crafts cinematic, epic, emotive music for this label as well as No.19 Music. He has emerged as a real star in the last year or so and is able to marry dance floor clout with a truly cerebral sense of musical storytelling.

a1. Eric Volta - Heartbeat I: Bleed

a2. Eric Volta & Gaika - Until I Dissolve

a3. Eric Volta - Heartbeat II: Cry

a4. Eric Volta - Deliquesce

b1. Eric Volta & Gaika - Until I Dissolve (Deetron Remix)

b2. Eric Volta & Gaika - Until I Dissolve (Deetron Baseless Dub)