Eomac - One Spirit [10" Vinyl]


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Release Date - 7th June 2019

With his forthcoming LP 'Bedouin Trax' – out this week on Bedouin Records,­­ Eomac strives to create an experience that's rich in political ambiguity, spirituality and post­modernity. McDonell conveys that message through finding space between clearly­constructed chants and desert-­trudged melodics with purpose, poise and thunderous percussion. Perhaps this is why we picked out a track from his companion 10" to his latest album as the appetizer to this ­­as it acts as a bridge between what could have been heard from his debut LP Spectre and leads into the bombastic brilliance that is Bedouin Trax.

'One Spirit' takes full advantage of the Middle Eastern percussive tonality that McDonnell exudes throughout his newest LP while toying with the idea of a UK ­garage track that was borne in the midst of an all­day souk adventure in Marrakech. Between subtle vocal samples, exquisite melodies, inviting drums and a bounce that will bring all people into the dance while signifying what's to come will be somewhere between the ground on our feet and the skies above.

a. One Spirit

b. Observe the Vessel Beneath You