ENiGMA Dubz - The Cosmos


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Release Date: 28th May 2021

Take a Deep, Dark & Dangerous interstellar voyage far into the Cosmos with ENiGMA Dubz, the newest signing to Truth’s burgeoning label.

With this EP, ENiGMA DUbz transports the listener to the far flung reaches of the universe with his otherworldly sound design and top notch production. Beginning our travels at “Area 51”, you can hear the alien experiments, top secret technological research and conspiricys being hatched. From there, we’re taken deep “Into The Ground” where everything becomes very etherial, beautiful synthwork, vocal layering and crispy breakbeats.

Three tracks in and we’re launched into “The Cosmos”, be prepared to marvel at all it’s mysteries, this one’s a straight vibe, chilling yet beautiful melodies give way hugely grand and glorious saw synth lead lines.

By now we’re deep into “No Sleep” mode and everything is starting to get a little intense, much like this track, far from home with no hope of return.

The EP rounds out with “Tunnel Vision”, a digital only track on an otherwise vinyl-pressed release. This one will suck you into the wormhole then spit you out on the other side, wherever that may be… this Cosmos, or maybe another."

a1. ENiGMA Dubz - Area 51

a2. ENiGMA Dubz - Into The Ground

b1. ENiGMA Dubz - The Cosmos

b2. ENiGMA Dubz - No Sleep